Anya & Michel

Who says you can't have not 1 but 2 weddings?! Just ask Anya & Michel as they celebrated their 1 year anniversary at the beautiful Herberg Den Rooden Leeuw, nestled in the quiet countryside of Amerongen, Netherlands. They tied the knot just a year prior in Central Park, New York City, in the exact spot where Michel got down on one knee and proposed to Anya. So sweet!! 

After all was said and done, they wanted to have everyone in on the action, including friends and family back in their home country of the Netherlands! Surrounded by close family & friends, good food and live music, this day seriously couldn't get any better for the young newlyweds!  I'm so honored to have been part of their incredible day and excited to share some of my favorite photos! xo

Anya & Michel 1.jpg
Anya & Michel 2.jpg
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